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204 Days, Sales Exceeded 100 Million US Dollars 25 / 2022.Oct

Bluesun set a new sales record with $100.3 million sales in 204 days.

The success is inseparable from the efforts of Bluesun people. In 2022, Bluesun established a Hefei factory, which mainly produces lithium iron phosphate batteries: wall-mounted lithium batteries, stacked lithium batteries, lead-acid replacement batteries, and mobile power solar kits products.

The continuous and stable supply of overseas warehouses in Europe and the United States has brought great convenience to overseas customers and has obvious advantages in price.

Bluesun's brand influence is also expanding, and it has recruited agents in Lithuania, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries.

$100.3 million is a new starting point, and we will continue to work hard to create greater achievements.

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