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240GW! Global PV Installed Capacity Is Expected To Reach A New Leve Jun 20, 2022

1. Asia Pacific: China, India and Australia are the main incremental markets

China: Newly installed capacity expected to reach 85GW in 2022

India: Renewable energy targets push to 16GW by 2022

Australia: "Green Hydrogen" + Energy Storage Drives the Growth of Photovoltaic Installations

2. Europe: policy support + target increase, the demand for photovoltaic installed capacity in 2022 will reach 49.08GW

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has accelerated the development of renewable energy. In order to completely get rid of the dependence on Russian natural gas, European countries are accelerating the construction of renewable energy power generation capacity. The photovoltaic power generation capacity will be doubled compared with the present, and the cumulative installed capacity will reach 740GW in 2030, an increase of about 70GW compared with the original plan.

Germany: Rising renewable energy target drives boom in PV installations

Spain: Unsubsidized projects are expected to usher in rapid development

Netherlands/Poland: Policies are expected to promote the development of distributed photovoltaics

3. Americas: the United States, Brazil and Chile occupy the top three market positions

US: No new tariffs on imported components for two years

Brazil: New Net Metering Law Continues to Benefit Distributed Projects

Chile: There are many reserve projects, and there is more room for development

4. Middle East and Africa: Good lighting resources + policy support, full of development momentum

UAE: Green hydrogen and energy strategy boosts solar panel projects

Saudi Arabia: Excellent objective conditions, huge potential

South Africa: severe shortage of electricity, focus on photovoltaic development

Overall, the global PV market demand in 2022 is worth noting in the following three aspects:

1. In 2022, the global PV installed capacity demand will reach 240GW, a year-on-year increase of 41%. In 2021, after experiencing the dual challenges of the impact of the epidemic and the high price of the supply chain, the installed capacity demand has not been fully released. It is expected that the demand will increase significantly in 2022, and the global installed capacity will reach 240GW, in order to face the global energy crisis and assume the importance of protecting the environment. responsibility.

2. The demand for installed capacity is differentiated in many places, and European demand is expected to explode. In Asia, markets such as India and Vietnam have a large number of projects under construction, and the market will usher in the peak of centralized grid integration in the next three years; the annual demand of mature markets in Japan, South Korea and Australia is gradually stable. In Europe, the "Russian-Ukrainian conflict" has exacerbated the European energy crisis. Germany, France, the United Kingdom and other places have issued corresponding policies to increase energy development goals and increase the bidding capacity of photovoltaic, wind power and other projects. It is expected that the market demand will be strong in 2022, and it is expected to grow further; In the Americas, the United States, Brazil, and Chile occupy the top three market positions, and markets such as Colombia and Canada are expected to explode; in the Middle East and Africa, the climate and light resources are good, and the renewable energy target promotes the rapid development of solar energy projects in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

3. Factors such as high supply chain prices, grid load challenges and the impact of the epidemic still need attention. Limited by the relationship between market supply and demand, the price of the photovoltaic industry chain is currently high, and some projects are gradually suspended due to yield problems; the speed of new photovoltaic installations is gradually accelerating, and the grid load may face huge challenges; in addition, the impact of the epidemic cannot be ignored, which may lead to some areas. The market demand for installed capacity is less than expected.

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