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Global Energy Storage Enters A Period Of Rapid Development Sep 23, 2022
In recent years, in order to cope with climate change and realize energy transition, many countries have vigorously developed renewable energy. Compared with traditional fossil energy, renewable energy power generation generally has problems of intermittency and volatility, which need to be adjusted by energy storage technology. The development of energy storage has become an important part of energy transformation in various countries.

The development of energy storage has gradually entered the fast lane, but the safety of energy storage cannot be ignored. At the beginning of this year, the fire in the battery energy storage building of SK Energy Company in South Korea once again sounded the alarm bell for the market. According to incomplete statistics, from 2011 to September 2021, there have been more than 50 energy storage safety accidents in the world, and the energy storage safety problem has become a common problem faced by the world.

To overcome the current security risks, more efforts must be made in security precautions. The main responsibility of energy storage safety should be clearly defined. Carry out research on fire prevention and treatment at the energy storage battery system level from top to bottom, form a safe application scheme that can be accepted by the market, and issue relevant safety standards and specifications to effectively reduce system application safety risks and ensure environmental protection and reliability. At the same time, establish a standard system for the application of energy storage technology. In order to ensure the high-quality and reliable application of the project, an energy storage technology standard system should be established in various application fields to avoid the occurrence of low-price and low-quality competition interfering with the normal order of the market, and a payment compensation mechanism should be designed according to the application effect. Only by promoting the development of energy storage in a safer direction can we create a sustainable new energy industry ecology and achieve high-quality development of the new energy industry.

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