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Home Energy Storage Market Is Growing Rapidly Sep 23, 2022
1. Skyrocketing Electricity Prices Sweeping The World

Energy shortages and soaring energy prices have severely affected residential electricity consumption. Therefore, European countries have also introduced policy subsidies in the near future to encourage the development of the home energy storage market. The cost of batteries and the economical reduction of home energy storage equipment have become prominent. The inclination of residents to install energy storage systems has become stronger, and the demand for home energy storage equipment has skyrocketed. , the energy storage market has entered a golden growth period.

2. Home Storage Products: The Trend Of Higher Charging Capacity Has More Room For Growth

Home energy storage is usually used in conjunction with household photovoltaics, and the installed capacity has ushered in rapid growth. Home energy storage system, also known as battery energy storage system, its core is rechargeable energy storage battery, usually based on lithium ion or lead-acid battery, controlled by computer, and realizes charging and discharging under the coordination of other intelligent hardware and software cycle. The home energy storage system can usually be combined with distributed photovoltaic power generation to form a home solar energy storage system. From the user side, the home solar energy storage system can reduce the electricity bill while eliminating the adverse effects of power outages on normal life; from the grid side, the home energy storage equipment that supports unified dispatching can alleviate the power shortage during peak hours and save energy. The grid provides frequency correction.

The core hardware equipment of the home energy storage system includes batteries and converters. According to the degree of integration of the products, there are mainly two modes: all-in-one machine and split machine. The current market is dominated by split machines, but all-in-one machines are the development trend of the high-end market. , the incremental market space is larger, which is the main driving force for future market growth.

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