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Bluesun Jingying Business School Starts Classes 29 / 2022.Jun

Bluesun Jingying Business School was established in July 2018, with 7 graduates in 4 years, and has trained a large number of outstanding talents for the company. It is a veritable Bluesun talent training base.Here, teachers will teach product knowledge, such as: solar panel, solar inverter, solar system, practical knowledge of foreign trade, platform management methods, etc.

On the afternoon of June 28, the closing ceremony of the seventh Jingying business school and the opening ceremony of the eighth Jingying business school were held.22 students graduated successfully, and 8 new students joined.

Outstanding graduate representatives speak, full of vitality, and the future is promising. The apprenticeship ceremony of new students reflects Bluesun's cultural heritage and the concept of respecting teachers and Taoism.

We wish Bluesun's students can grow up here, gain a lot, and contribute their own strength to the development of Bluesun.

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