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This Week's PV Price Analysis 26 / 2022.Jul

Silicon material price

The price of silicon material still maintains an upward trend. Affected by the shortage of supply, the effective supply of silicon material from July to August was directly stimulated by the negative factors that led to the narrowing of the growth rate. The price of silicon material, under the original trend of slow rise, was realized at the beginning of the month. grow rapidly.

Silicon wafer price

The mainstream price of monocrystalline silicon wafers is temporarily stable, and the current market supply environment for monocrystalline silicon wafers is still not rich.

Cell price

This week, the price of mainstream M10 cells rose slightly. The current price of 1.25 yuan per watt is still in effect, while the newly signed orders are mainly at 1.26 yuan per watt. With the seasonal high temperature and power curtailment affecting many production areas, the supply is in short supply. Among them, G12 size cells are also gradually becoming tight.

N-type cell, solar panel price

The quotation of N-type solar panels has not yet formed the mainstream, and the price is temporarily stable this week. It is estimated that HJT will also start to sell G12 product specifications at the end of Q3. At present, the basic price of HJT cells (M6) is about RMB 1.36-1.45 per watt. TOPCon (M10/G12) has not yet formed a mainstream external price, and most of them are mainly for personal use. The current price is about RMB 1.3-1.37 per watt. As for the price of components, the price remained stable this week. Currently, the price of HJT components (M6) is about RMB 2.15-2.2 per watt, and the overseas price is about USD 0.285-0.33 per watt. The price of TOPCon modules (M10/G12) is about RMB 2.06-2.11 per watt for single-sided, RMB 2.09-2.15 per watt for double-sided, and about USD 0.28-0.31 per watt overseas.

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