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UK Publishes Latest Draft Code Of Practice For Grid-connected Photovoltaics 20 / 2022.Jun

According to foreign media reports, the British Society of Engineering and Technology recently released the second draft of the Code of Practice for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. Make PV installation safer and more efficient!

This code is intended to ensure the safe, efficient and proper installation of photovoltaic systems by developers and is primarily intended for use by designers, installers, developers and operators responsible for the safety, planning, installation and operation of photovoltaic systems.

The new edition includes revisions to the British Society of Engineering and Technology wiring rules and provides the information needed to comply with relevant national and international standards.

It covers all parts of a grid-connected PV system, including AC power, low and high voltage connections, connection of PV modules, and all applications from small residential PV systems to large PV farms.

In addition, its content includes building-mounted systems, building-integrated systems and ground-mounted systems, as well as grid-connected photovoltaic systems with battery energy storage systems. In 2017, the British Society of Engineering and Technology released the Code of Practice for Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Meanwhile, in 2021, the UK Microgeneration Product Certification Scheme (MCS) will incorporate the UK Institute of Engineering and Technology's Code of Practice for Photovoltaic Systems into its PV Standard, and MCS's working group will consider a second review before incorporating updated content into the standard. changes made to the Guidelines.

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