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About BLUESUN Solar

Bluesun Solar Group is an international high-tech and growing group company, specializing in R&D, which manufactures solar cells, modules, and solar power systems.

Bluesun solar, as a secondary group of Bluesun Group, aiming at becoming “The expert of solar power generation”, concentrating on cells, modules and solar power generation engineering, and having formed a relatively complete middle-stream and down-stream solar power industrial chain.
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Bluesun Solar Group is an international high-tech and growing group company, specializing in R&D, which manufactures solar cells, modules, and solar power systems.
Latest News
This Week's PV Price Analysis
Silicon material price The price of silicon material still maintains an upward trend. Affected by the shortage of supply, the effective supply of silicon material from July to August was directly stimulated by the negative factors that led to the narrowing of the growth rate. The price of silicon material, under the original trend of slow rise, was realized at the beginning of the month. grow rapidly. Silicon wafer price The mainstream price of monocrystalline silicon wafers is temporarily stable, and the current market supply environment for monocrystalline silicon wafers is still not rich. Cell price This week, the price of mainstream M10 cells rose slightly. The current price of 1.25 yuan per watt is still in effect, while the newly signed orders are mainly at 1.26 yuan per watt. With the seasonal high temperature and power curtailment affecting many production areas, the supply is in short supply. Among them, G12 size cells are also gradually becoming tight. N-type cell, solar panel price The quotation of N-type solar panels has not yet formed the mainstream, and the price is temporarily stable this week. It is estimated that HJT will also start to sell G12 product specifications at the end of Q3. At present, the basic price of HJT cells (M6) is about RMB 1.36-1.45 per watt. TOPCon (M10/G12) has not yet formed a mainstream external price, and most of them are mainly for personal use. The current price is about RMB 1.3-1.37 per watt. As for the price of components, the price remained stable this week. Currently, the price of HJT components (M6) is about RMB 2.15-2.2 per watt, and the overseas price is about USD 0.285-0.33 per watt. The price of TOPCon modules (M10/G12) is about RMB 2.06-2.11 per watt for single-sided, RMB 2.09-2.15 per watt for double-sided, and about USD 0.28-0.31 per watt overseas. Data Sources:PV InfoLink
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Talesun Solar & Bluesun Solar 500MW Signing Ceremony
Recently, the general manager of Talesun Solar Co., Ltd visited Bluesun Solar Co., Ltd Headquarters. Daixi Jun, the general manager, had an in-depth discussion with Talesun Solar on the development of the international photovoltaic industry in the future, and signed a 2022 500MW solar panel strategic cooperation agreement. Dong Shuguang, President of Talesun Solar, said: “Since its establishment, Talesun Solar has always been adhering to the business philosophy of'mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win', and is committed to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers. This time the two parties reached a strategic cooperation in 2022. It can make full use of Hefei Bruno's advantages in overseas photovoltaic development resources, operation and management, and Talesun Solar's rich experience and management advantages in the field of module R&D and production, photovoltaic project development and construction, and achieve mutual benefit, complementary advantages, resource sharing, and win-win development target." Dai Xijun, general manager of Bluesun Solar Co.,Ltd said: “We are very honored to have reached a new round of strategic cooperation with a world-class photovoltaic module company such as Talesun Solar. With Talesun Solar's high-efficiency photovoltaic modules and a comprehensive service network, we will accelerate the world Photovoltaic market layout. In 2022, we will fully enter the integrated business of photovoltaic, storage, charging and discharging systems,15-30kW household energy storage machines, pack energy storage integrated machines, industrial and commercial container energy storage solutions integration, research and development of BMS in March 2022.  The EMS basic test has been initially completed, and the first phase will be put into production in June 2022. We will make every effort to promote the global integration of integrated business, project investment and design, and work together with Talesun Solar to develop and build higher-quality and more competitive photovoltaic projects.  To continuously create value for the photovoltaic industry."
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Bluesun Unveils 54-Cell 425W Solar Panel With 21.25% Efficiency
The new 54-cell solar panels are mainly used in commercial and industrial solar projects. Its size is less than 2m² and the short circuit current is less than 15A. Bluesun Solar has launched a new 54-cell solar module based on 182mm solar cell, for residential,commercial and industrial rooftop systems. This module has a rated power of 425W and a power conversion efficiency of 21.7%. "The 54-cell module features PERC gallium-doped, p-type half-cut cells with the highest photoaging resistance (lowest LID) for maximum energy yield and a 25-year performance warranty," the manufacturer said in said in a statement. "This technology has received performance and technology awards from the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) and PV Evolution Labs (PVEL)." The manufacturer says the new panel measures 1,722 x 1,134mm. "Their short-circuit current is very low, well below 15A," it further explains. "The module measures less than 2 square meters and weighs less than 23 kilograms, making it small and light enough for one person to install." According to the manufacturer, the new 54-cell solar cells range can be deployed with standard mounting systems, clipping on the long and short sides of the module frame, as well as drop-in or slide-in systems and lift systems with module edge clamping. "The modules are also compatible with the most popular inverters," it also said, without giving further technical details. Also, the solar panel has got complete certification: IEC61215, IEC61730,IEC62804,IEC 61701 tested for harsh environments, salt mist corrosion, ammonia corrosion, anti-PID. Bluesun Solar established since 2004, we offers solar energy products and solutions for all energy projects, from small applications for homes to large industrial&commercial solar power system and governmental tender solar projects.
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Bluesun March Expo Opening Ceremony
On the afternoon of February 15th, 2022, Bluesun held the launch meeting of March Expo.The goal of this March Expo festival is 20 million US dollars, and the Bluesun solar team is divided into ten groups. Bluesun Solar is a technology trade Internet + company focusing on photovoltaic field.The headquarters is located in Shushan International Enterprise Port, Liandong U Valley, Hefei City, Anhui Province, with an office area of 3,000 square meters and a peripheral warehouse area of 3,000 square meters. It currently has 160 employees. The main products include photovoltaic panels, solar charge controllers, solar inverters, solar umbrellas,solar roof title,solar batteries, bracket systems, as well as other photovoltaic series products and a complete set of photovoltaic power solutions. Up to now, the company has won a series of national-level upgrade honorary enterprises such as high-tech enterprises, specialized and special new enterprises, Anhui brand enterprises, Zhanxin base enterprises, and gazelle enterprises. The company has cooperated closely with first-line brands in the industry. Currently, it has the domestic and overseas market authorizations of LONGi Solar and JA Solar, and has contracted several automatic production lines of Tongwei Solar, an enterprise in our province. The company adheres to the mission of making Chinese manufacturing go global. Has been exported to more than 180 countries and regions overseas. With the explosive growth of overseas markets, the company participates in overseas photovoltaic exhibitions more than 10 times a year. And at the end of 2018, a branch was established in the United States, and an overseas warehouse was set up at the port of Houston to provide customers with more timely delivery services; at the same time, there were stable agents in Vietnam, Thailand, Yemen, Ukraine, Poland, and Brazil. Customers provide timely pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale guarantees. The company encourages internal employees to incubate entrepreneurship and provides angel fund support. Many fission companies have diversified products and exploded at multiple points. So,we are very confident in achieving this performance target.
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Bluesun Jingying Business School Starts Classes
Bluesun Jingying Business School was established in July 2018, with 7 graduates in 4 years, and has trained a large number of outstanding talents for the company. It is a veritable Bluesun talent training base.Here, teachers will teach product knowledge, such as: solar panel, solar inverter, solar system, practical knowledge of foreign trade, platform management methods, etc. On the afternoon of June 28, the closing ceremony of the seventh Jingying business school and the opening ceremony of the eighth Jingying business school were held.22 students graduated successfully, and 8 new students joined. Outstanding graduate representatives speak, full of vitality, and the future is promising. The apprenticeship ceremony of new students reflects Bluesun's cultural heritage and the concept of respecting teachers and Taoism. We wish Bluesun's students can grow up here, gain a lot, and contribute their own strength to the development of Bluesun.
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UK Publishes Latest Draft Code Of Practice For Grid-connected Photovoltaics
According to foreign media reports, the British Society of Engineering and Technology recently released the second draft of the Code of Practice for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. Make PV installation safer and more efficient!   This code is intended to ensure the safe, efficient and proper installation of photovoltaic systems by developers and is primarily intended for use by designers, installers, developers and operators responsible for the safety, planning, installation and operation of photovoltaic systems.   The new edition includes revisions to the British Society of Engineering and Technology wiring rules and provides the information needed to comply with relevant national and international standards.   It covers all parts of a grid-connected PV system, including AC power, low and high voltage connections, connection of PV modules, and all applications from small residential PV systems to large PV farms.   In addition, its content includes building-mounted systems, building-integrated systems and ground-mounted systems, as well as grid-connected photovoltaic systems with battery energy storage systems. In 2017, the British Society of Engineering and Technology released the Code of Practice for Battery Energy Storage Systems.   Meanwhile, in 2021, the UK Microgeneration Product Certification Scheme (MCS) will incorporate the UK Institute of Engineering and Technology's Code of Practice for Photovoltaic Systems into its PV Standard, and MCS's working group will consider a second review before incorporating updated content into the standard. changes made to the Guidelines.
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U.S. Exempts PV Module Tariffs From Four Southeast Asian Countries
The White House announced on Monday that as part of a push for clean energy, President Joe Biden stopped imposing tariffs on solar panels in four Southeast Asian countries under the Defense Production Act. Boosted by this news, the solar sector of U.S. stocks rose more than 5% that day. The tariff exemptions reportedly apply to panels in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, which will boost future U.S. production of solar panels and other clean technologies. The technology scope covers five areas: solar panel components; building insulation systems; heat pumps; equipment that manufactures and uses clean power generation fuels such as electrolyzers, fuel cells, related platinum group metals, etc.; and critical grid infrastructure such as transformers. In March of this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce decided to investigate whether solar cells and modules assembled by the aforementioned four countries circumvented anti-dumping and countervailing duties imposed by the United States on cells and modules. U.S. solar panel imports have been frozen because of the tariff investigation. In this regard, many US state governors, lawmakers, environmentalists, etc. have expressed concern, because related investigations may lead to retroactive tariffs of up to 250%. According to an industry survey published by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the tariffs affect 84 percent of all U.S. solar modules exported by the countries concerned and half of the cells imported for U.S. domestic module production. Three-quarters of the 200 companies surveyed by SEIA have delayed or cancelled solar module deliveries. Under the threat of tariffs, the association lowered its forecast for solar installations in 2022 and 2023 by 46% (about 24 GW). In a statement, the White House said clean energy technologies are a key part of the arsenal of tools to reduce energy costs for homes, reduce risks to the grid, and address the urgent crisis of climate change. Affected by factors such as supply chain bottlenecks, the current US consumer price index (CPI) has exceeded 8%, the highest level in nearly 40 years, and the rise in energy and food prices driven by the situation in Ukraine is one of the important drivers. Wells Fargo pointed out that rising prices, especially for necessities, like tax hikes, are forcing consumers to spend less on other goods and services, exacerbating headwinds in the economy. The White House statement said that since Biden took office, U.S. domestic solar power capacity has increased from 7.5 GW to 15 GW; the goal is to triple U.S. domestic solar production capacity to 22.5 GW by 2024, which will be sufficient to support More than 3.3 million households switch to clean solar every year. To advance a clean energy future, Biden proposes to develop two innovative tools: increasing the speed and efficiency with which domestic clean electricity suppliers can sell their products to the U.S. government by directing master supply agreements fo...
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European Market Trends
In the global energy transition wave, Europe is undoubtedly the most active market for renewable energy deployment, and the fossil energy supply crisis caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has accelerated the energy transition in Europe, and the demand for photostatic Continued to increase. PV InfoLink analyzed China's customs export data in 2022. As of April, Europe had imported 24.4GW of photovoltaic modules from China, far exceeding the performance of the same period last year and other markets, and currently the world's largest demand for photovoltaic products outside China. strong area.   European market analysis According to PV InfoLink's analysis of China's customs export data, China exported a total of 49.0GW of modules in the first four months of 2022, of which 24.4GW of PV modules were exported to Europe, accounting for 50%, compared with 10.0GW in the same period last year. It has grown by 144%, which is quite significant, and the export volume to Europe shows a trend of increasing month by month, which has not been reduced due to the price increase in the supply chain this year, showing the strong demand for photovoltaic products in the region.   In terms of the size of the export market, there are currently four countries that have imported more than 1GW of modules from China, namely the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Germany. The largest importer, the Netherlands, is the main transshipment port in Europe. Many European countries import modules through the Netherlands, and they have accumulated 12.1GW of module imports from China. The second largest demand in Europe, Spain, currently imports 3.3GW from China. However, Poland and Germany, the two largest countries expected to demand European demand this year, imported 1.9 and 1.4GW of Chinese PV modules from China accumulatively.   In addition to the German government's announcement after the Ukraine-Russia conflict that it will accelerate the deployment of renewable energy, which is expected to reach 100% renewable energy in 2035, and announced that it will add 20GW of photovoltaic installed capacity every year from 2028, the European Commission announced on 5/18. The REPowerEU Plan aims to increase the cumulative installed capacity of photostatic in EU countries to 320GW in 2025 and 600GW in 2030. It is also proposed that from 2026, new public and general buildings will gradually be forced to install rooftop photostatic. Stimulating the demand in the European market, the European photovoltaic market will still be a region with strong growth in the future.   Even though the current supply chain price is still at a high level, the European terminal is still looking for orders. At present, the execution price will continue to rise due to the continuous improvement in market demand and exchange rate factors. The 500W+ single glass module falls at 0.27-0.28 yuan per watt. dollars. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic in China...
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Can Hydrogen Energy Become The Successor Of Lithium Batteries
About 200 years ago, hydrogen energy was used as a fuel in the first generation of internal combustion engines, but when it was soon abandoned by mainstream fuels due to unsatisfactory safety and energy density, it may not have expected a day of pride. The energy revolution began to take shape as early as after World War II. At that time, global energy consumption was increasing day by day. According to public information, from the beginning of the 20th century to the end of the 20th century, the annual energy consumption soared from 2 billion tons of standard coal to 10 billion tons. It has increased by a factor of five, followed by an annual growth rate of about 2.5%. There is no doubt that the exploration and explosion of new energy is the inevitable result of the consumption of traditional energy, especially after the 1970s, there have been several oil crises around the world, which once caused the price of crude oil to rise by four in four decades. More than ten times, the world economy is inseparable from the impetus of energy behind the take-off, so the development of new energy is imminent. Looking back at the previous stage of history, the investment of various countries in the field of new energy has gradually grown into a large scale. In 1951, the world's first successful use of nuclear power generation was successful. In 1979, the United States established a wind turbine. In 1992, after nuclear power and wind power , The solar panel system has also been successfully realized... The energy change is more high-profile every time. In the 21st century, the energy crisis has intensified. In 2012, world energy statistics showed that fossil fuels still accounted for the bulk of the energy supply, accounting for about 87%, of which oil accounted for 33.6%, coal accounted for 29.6%, and natural gas accounted for 23%. .8%. That is to say, the new energy is only 13%, of which nuclear energy accounts for 5.2%, hydrogen power accounts for 6.5%, and solar energy system, wind energy, and geothermal energy account for only 1.3%. On the one hand, it is the high energy consumption, and on the other hand, the development of new energy is unbalanced. There is a huge space for energy exploration in the early stage, and the gap that needs to be filled will pave the way for the rise of new energy in the future. In recent years, new energy has gradually become popular in China, and solar power system, lithium batteries, and hydrogen energy have successively entered the market with a halo. According to data, the demand for hydrogen energy is expected to be 10 times higher by 2025. At the same time, in 2030, the number of vehicles using hydrogen energy fuel cells will reach 10 million to 15 million, and the total market value can reach the trillion level. From the demand side, at least the current signs are pushing hydrogen energy to an ideal state. After the start of 2022, the rising tide of battery prices has no intention of stopping. Instead, it has ar...
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Bluesun Full Set Certifications Of Photovoltaics
As an ordinary user, judging the quality of photovoltaic products is often through the certification of the product. Authoritative certificates issued by third-party organizations to prove the reliability of enterprise product performance and safety have become a necessary condition for enterprise products to enter the international market. Different certifications represent different credibility. At present, the certification of international photovoltaic products mainly includes UL certification in the United States, CSA certification in Canada, etc., and my country has Golden Sun certification. Certification can not only improve customers' good impression of product quality and corporate reputation, but also authoritative third-party certification is also a necessary condition for buying a house and purchasing products, and it is a pass for products to enter the international market. More importantly, in the field of photovoltaics, certification is also one of the necessary conditions for product financing and policy and regulatory support. TUV Authority: TUV Suddeutsche product certification mark based on international certification mark requirements TUV certification is a safety certification mark customized by German TüV for component products and is widely accepted in Germany and Europe. Bluesun Approval Standard: IEC61215, IEC 62716 for Ammonia Corrosion ,IEC 61701 for Salt Mist Corrosion, IEC 62804 for Anti-PID.
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