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Bluesun In Africa 25 / 2023.Jul
On July 22, 2023, General Manager of Bluesun and Brand Manager jointly embarked on a trip to Africa to explore the unlimited potential of the photovoltaic market. They have a deep understanding of the details and technologies of photovoltaic installation in various parts of Africa, with a particular focus on the Nigerian market.
On this mysterious continent, solar energy resources are abundant and very suitable for photovoltaic power generation. This provides good conditions for the application of photovoltaic products in the African market. African countries have a large population and rapid economic development, and their demand for electricity is constantly increasing. As an important component of clean energy, photovoltaic products can meet the demand for electricity in African countries and reduce dependence on traditional energy. At the same time, the development of photovoltaic technology on the African continent also faces many challenges, such as a lack of professional technical support and unstable power grid infrastructure. Bluesun is innovative and professional oriented, committed to solving these problems.

Bluesun firmly believes that the development of the photovoltaic industry cannot be separated from the sharing and cooperation of global resources. In addition to introducing advanced photovoltaic technology into the African market, Bluesun also actively promotes the cultivation of local talents and technology sharing, enabling the African market to better integrate into the global photovoltaic industry ecosystem

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