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What Equipment Does A Distributed Energy Storage System Include? Sep 14, 2023

The distributed energy storage system is a software system for monitoring and managing distributed energy storage power stations. Generally speaking, energy storage power stations of the same project may be distributed in different places, making monitoring and management difficult. However, relying on software systems can greatly improve efficiency.

The key equipment of distributed energy storage systems includes the following categories:

Energy storage device: It is the core equipment of the distributed energy storage system, which can convert electrical energy into storage carriers, or convert other forms of energy into storage carriers. Common energy storage devices include lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, compressed air energy storage equipment, heat storage equipment, etc.

Solar Inverter: A distributed energy storage system needs to convert the energy stored in the storage device into alternating current that can be directly used by the device. At this time, it is necessary to use an inverter to convert the DC power stored in the storage device into the AC power required by the device.

Control system: The control system is a very important component of the distributed energy storage system. It is mainly responsible for managing and controlling the charging and discharging process of the energy storage device, including monitoring the energy storage status, controlling current, voltage and other parameters.

Monitoring system: The monitoring system can realize real-time monitoring of the status, parameters and performance of the energy storage device, as well as identify any faults that may occur with the normal operation of the system, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the distributed energy storage system.

Energy storage station: An energy storage station is the physical storage device of a distributed energy storage system, including energy storage devices, transformers, inverters, integrated controllers and other supporting equipment, which can provide power storage and transmission functions.

In short, the stability, performance and collaborative operation capabilities of each key equipment of the distributed energy storage system are key elements to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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