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Lithium Battery Pack 11 / 2022.Jul

This month, the first lithium battery pack was successfully produced in Bluesun Hefei factory, and Bluesun's independent research and development capabilities were further improved.

Let's introduce the production process of new energy lithium battery pack:
1. Detection of a single cell
It mainly checks whether parameters such as cell capacity, rate, and cycle times meet the requirements for use.

2. Sorting and grouping process
The cells are screened and matched according to the set interval range to ensure the consistency of the internal resistance and voltage of each string and each parallel battery.

3. The positive electrode of the battery is pasted with insulating highland barley paper
If the amount is not too large, it can also be manually pasted. If the amount is large, the highland barley paper machine can be automatically pasted directly with the positive electrode of the battery.

4. Welding process
Install the bracket, nickel sheet, and then weld the protective plate

5. Finished product comprehensive testing process

Detect the theoretical design parameters after the combination of the battery cell and the protection board, such as the detection of battery pack overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, load, short circuit, delay time and other parameters.

6. Aging test process
Check whether the battery is qualified or not by charging and discharging the battery pack.

7. PACK packaging process

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