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Residential PV Installation Costs In Portugal Rise 15 / 2022.Sep

Portugal's Fixando service platform, which facilitates the installation of rooftop solar systems, expects demand for renewable energy to soar by 180%  by the end of the year.

Rising gas and electricity prices have led consumers to invest in renewable energy, and companies have similarly raised prices in the face of unprecedented demand and a shortage of skilled labor.

"Prices for professionals and companies are increasing exponentially, mainly due to scarcity of labor and materials," said Alice Nunes, director of new businesses at Fixando.

According to Fixando, 55% of applications completed through its platform in July went unanswered. And less than 10 percent of the companies listed on the app offer new appointments.

Applications registered on Fixando are mainly from Lisbon (17%), Porto (15%), Setubal (10%), Aveiro (9%), Braga (8%) and Leiria (8%) . The majority of users (89%) seek services for properties larger than 100 square meters. Despite the price hike, 42% plan to connect solar panels to the grid, with only 25% preferring to stay off-grid.

Fixando conducted the study between July 1 and August 25, surveying 2,600 users and 1,200 professionals registered on its platform.

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