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Introduction To The Principle And Function Of Solar Inverter Jul 25, 2022

Introduction to Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are often referred to as "inverters" for short, which can help the conversion system to invert the direct current generated by the solar power generation system, convert the direct current into alternating current and store it in the storage device to meet the user's electricity demand. .

The principle of solar inverter

Solar inverters can mainly perform two forms of work: centralized inverter and string solar inverter. Concentrated inverter is that the induction device of the solar inverter can feed back the current information, so that the small transistors in the solar inverter can change the current flow in the circuit, convert it from direct current to alternating current, and concentrate multiple transistors in the circuit. Together, the current can be centrally inverted. String inverter is to combine many solar inverter circuits together to form a serial inverter device, which can effectively improve the working efficiency of solar inverters. Moreover, the solar inverter will be damaged, and such a design can significantly improve the working efficiency of the inverter. Once the two forms of string and concentration are combined, the efficiency of solar inverters can be improved to a greater extent. Therefore, in daily life, solar inverters are mostly used in combination of the two forms.

The role of solar inverter

The main function of using a solar inverter is to assist the conversion of direct and alternating current in the solar power generation device, improve the conversion rate of the solar inverter, and significantly improve the efficiency of the solar inverter to convert direct current into alternating current. The inverter can make the voltage in the entire solar power generation device more stable, which plays an important protective role for the solar power generation system, and can also track and adjust the power of each device in the circuit to ensure the normal operation of each device.

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